"Thanks to the whole team all availability for you demonstrated, all the love and support, which has always been present.

   The entire period that José was at the clinic continued to be the happy boy and well disposed that he always has been, and even when working away from the family. He was always motivated and cooperative, this is due to the good commitment and professionalism that everyone demonstrated. The only thing that leaves José distressed is the fact, that so quickly he can not return to see these friends that he made during this period so important in his life. It's the purpose of our family to continue with the work held here and send you more results as soon as possible.

   Once again, Thank you all!!!"

Carla Carvalho, José Carvalhos's mother

  "It was beneficial for my son because where he lives do not have intensive care units.

   All professionals were great for him. Henrique has Himeplagia on the right side, he does not walk or talk. The physiotherapist and Cuban rehabilitation have had a key role in his development at equilibrium. He never stand alone and after much work he stood alone despite of always doing tantrum. The other therapists were also important.

   The Hippotherapy and Hydrotherapy were what the Henrique most liked. Just have to thank you for all your efforts towards him. 

    I hope we meet again in the future. Our thank Palmira and Henry."

Maria Palmira Gonçalves, Luis Henrique's mother


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    "After 21 days, 84 hours of multidisciplinary rehabilitation divided in 4/5 hours a day, with physiotherapy, Cuban physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, hypotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, family psychology consultations and consultations of motor rehabilitation, came to an end the first Rehab4Life cycle of our small Great Warrior Gabriel, who always behaved beautifully with great commitment and dedication. We want to make a special thanks to the professionals who have worked with our little one: Thank you to the physiotherapist Mário Afonso and Yarian Yari, Speech Therapist Ana, Occupational Therapist Tiago, Psychologist Vanessa, physiatrist Kátia, secretary Andreia and the "Corujo" horse handler Andreia, the whole Mário Afonso's family, to all without exception thanks for the professional and human way that you treated our son and ourselves, all the little great victories of our son are the result of your work, care and dedication. From day one we felt like we were at home and in the family, there are no words to thank you and continue the good work for the good of all who need your help and we hope to start soon the second cycle of the Rehab4Life protocol. Big hug on behalf of Gabriel and family."

Eduardo Sousa, Gabriel’s father

    "First, I would like to thank the Rehab4Life for the help that they provided to my son Leonardo in his most important needs in this intensive treatment. It was very beneficial and essential for Leonardo's good development in all aspects. Secondly, it's commendable the sympathy of all technicians and collaborators, we were always treated with good disposition and tenderness and always with great affection. Thirdly, for the informations/indications that you taught us, for us parents be able to help our son continue to improve his autonomy and balance.

      Dr. Mário can be very young, but his charisma, his good performance and his vision across borders is not judge by his age. I thank everyone who was with us and see you soon."


Fátima Pirão, Leonardo’s mother

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