Stand Up Suit and Up Suit are postural correction orthoses for pediatrics and adults and they are made with Neoprene fabric. These orthoses are used in physical rehabilitation and in postural correction, as they enable a correct posture for the child/adult in performing exercises in physical rehabilitation and in his daily basis. We are the first company to produce clothing orthoses "made in Portugal", and they are in average 30% to 40% than the competition. 

   Through the fact that these orthoses are made of breathable and comfortable neoprene fabric that wil allow the orthoses to be used in exercises in and outside the water, and on the patient daily basis.

   The Up Suit corresponds to the top, ie the Body. For the other hand the Stand Up Suit corresponds to the shorts and to the corrective bands for the legs.


    Can be used in various pathologies such as:     

           - Scoliosis;     

           - Cerebral Palsy;     

           - Hypotonia;     

           - Hypertonia; 

           - Strokes;   

           - Prevention of Hip Dislocation;   

           - Global Postural Correction.  


    Can be used in the following areas Therapeutic:     

           - Physiotherapy;       

           - Occupational Therapy;   

           - Speech Therapy;       

           - Hippotherapy;     

           - Hydrotherapy.


   The sizes that we have available are XS, S, M and L, but we also make orthoses by measure. To help you to take the measures correctly, you can see you can consult the following Link.

   If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.


   These orthoses can be purchased individually or together, through the Online Store.

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Stand Up Suit / Up Suit

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