Protocol PediaSuit. The fact is to align the body function as close to normal as possible. Restoring the correct postural alignment plays a crucial role in normalizing muscle tone, sensory and vestibular function. The Universal Exercise Unit is used to train a child / adult to gain the ability to coordinate the desired movements and strengthen the muscle groups responsible for this movement. Besides protocol, such as the specific equipment used Spider Cage space surrounded by a metallic structure in which an elastic system (Tarzanks) is inserted to facilitate postural control, with a degree of support varies according to the activity and function crafted.

Another device is the Ability Exercise Unity (AEU) - Monkey, Space scaled as the previous structure, with stretcher in the center and a system of ropes, pulleys and weights, which is performed muscle strengthening específico.A Universal Exercise Unit allows amplitude gain motion, flexibility of muscles and joints, as well as functional skills. This is a structured program that enhances the growth and development of each individual
      The motor acquisition in children is closely linked to aspects of their everyday learning. Such learning is influenced by the growing confidence and enjoyment in games that involve physical impairment. This occurs as the child acquires the ability to control their own body strength graduating, gaining balance and mobility. Children with neurological disorders do not develop linearly, in this sense the motor skills are directly linked to the formation of his image, self-esteem and confiança.Os handlings therapeutic based on the concepts of Kinesis and approaches and therapeutic methods, such as Bobath , Kabat, Balance and Sensory Integration.
     Treatment focuses on helping children maximize their function even explore its full potential, helping the patient to experience and learning skills that are only possible with the facilitation generated by these devices.
With this approach you can enhance therapeutic aspects targeted the motor and behavioral gains.
We performed a standardized assessment GMFM (Gross motor function measure it), which measures the gross motor function in order to compare motor skills before and after the application of the Protocol Pediasuit. Goals established areas from the initial assessment.



A traumatic brain injury
Delays in development
Sensory Integration Disorders
Down Syndrome
Post - stroke (CVA)
Post - trauma
Diseases of the central nervous system
Mitochondrial diseases
Vestibular disorders
Fractures - early stages of rehabilitation
Spina Bifida

Subluxation of the hip (above 33%)
Joint contractures
Muscular Dystrophies
Cardiac abnormalities and Metabolic Graves

Re-train the central nervous system
Restores the ontogenetic development
Provide external stabilization
Normalizes muscle tone
Aligns the body to as close to normal as possible
Provides dynamic correction
Normalizes (corrects) gait pattern
Provides tactile stimulation
Influences vestibular system
Improves balance
Improves coordination
Decreases uncontrolled movement ataxia and athetosis
Improves body and spatial awareness
Supports weak muscles
Provides resistance to strong muscles to further increase the strength
Improves speech production and support the flow through the head and trunk
Promotes the development of motor skills, both fine and coarse
Improves bone density
Helps to decrease contractures
Improves alignment of pelvic girdle

​   ​History

    The concept of orthotics postural rectification was originally studied in Poland, in the 70s, where Russian astronauts, who after spending over 300 days in space, lost muscle strength due to the lack of gravity.

Physiotherapists Americans realized that the concept of a jumpsuit that would provide biomechanical alignment, would fit the treatment of children with physical disabilities as a result of neurological causes.
     The Pediasuit, a garment orthopedic soft and dynamic, consisting of hat, vest, shorts, knee pads and shoes adapted, which are interconnected by elastic and rubbery.
    Pediasuit The basic concept is to create a support unit for the body, establishing biomechanical alignment and weight load that are critical in normalizing muscle tone, sensory and vestibular function.
     The tractor is adjustable, which means that one can apply a discharge axially in the body from 15 to 40 kilograms.


Rehab 4 Life Protocol:

Our protocol is done in 21 workdays, distributed in 4 daily sessions, totaling 84 sessions of Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation.

Divided in the following disciplinary specialties:

- Physiotherapy with the aid of orthoses clothing (10 sessions);

- Cuban Rehabilitation (10 sessions);

- Occupational Therapy (10 session);

- Occupational Therapy with the aid of orthoses clothing (10 sessions);

- Speech Therapy (11 sessions);

- Hippotherapy (10 sessions);

- Hydrotherapy (8 sessions);

- 4 Consultations of family psychology (4 sessions);

- 3 Consultations of nutritional counseling (3 sessions);

- 8 Consultations of motor evaluation (8 sessions).

We also have available Complementary Therapy, such as:

- Craniosacral;

- Yoga for babies;

- Pets Therapy;

- Magneto Therapy.

The treatment is reimbursed by the Free Regime ADSE, SAD GNR and SAD PSP. 


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